Is English Necessary for all University Programs?

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I believe that grade 12 Universtity level English should be required for all University programs. This may not be everyone’s favourite course to take, but comes in hand in the future. No matter what road you choose to take in University, Professors will always find a way for you to write a report or essay and you will be happy that you were forced to sit through grade 12 English.

1st blog 1I was never one to enjoy reading Shakespeare or writing essays the past three years, but I have realized that I have been able to apply what I learned in English to other courses I take. Research done at Stanford proved that good English teachers improved the grades in students’ math scores. “These teachers not only produced higher-than-expected test scores during the period they taught their students, but those students went on to score better in those subjects in future years” (Parker, Clifton B). I feel this article enhances the idea that grade 12 University English can further help students achieve in University.

I have never been a big fan of studying Shakespeare the past three years alike many of my classmates but it does enhance our knowledge of literature. Shakespeare increases our vocabulary and understanding of history which can help high school students succeed in University. I personally feel that in the past, enacting parts of Shakespearean plays has increased my self-confidence when speaking infront of groups tremendously. Being able to speak infront of large groups is a very important skill to develop in high school for University and in the workplace as well.

I strongly believe that grade 12 University English should be made a mandatory prerequisite for all University programs as it will enhance the learning in all programs. English teaches you to discuss topics and analyze which can increase the level of learning in University classrooms.







Parker, Clifton B. “Stanford research shows long-run benefit of English instruction.” Stanford University. N.p., 24 Feb. 2014. Web. 05 July 2017.


One Reply to “Is English Necessary for all University Programs?”

  1. I agree that Shakespeare is a very important thing to learn before heading off the university because it has also increased my self confidence when speaking to big groups. This is an important skill to have when going off to university.


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